We have had a hand in the development of


square feet of commercial properties

… And we’re always looking to grow those numbers for the benefit of our clients. If development of a new property makes the best sense to achieve your goals, we are proud to offer client-driven development on a fee or joint venture ownership basis among our list of services. While our primary development focus is currently on medical, retail, general office buildings and warehouses, we are always looking to expand our portfolio in exciting new directions.

Going above and beyond the purchase of land or property, HSC’s acquisition process involves fulfilling owner/tenant requirements to ensure the creation of a viable real estate investment and the continued growth of your asset.

Every project begins with a development concept. Our Market and Feasibility Overview Process allows HSC to confirm, reject or refine your development concept through systematic study of owner/tenant requirements and market conditions.

Designed to give investors an understanding of expectations of an asset’s performance, an Operating proforma is an educated guess of return on investment based on the development concept, the level of building income, and costs for maintenance and services. Once those factors are established, HSC will provide the appropriate proformas prior to a financial commitment.

The method and source of construction and permanent Financing and Equity Investment are central to formulating the development concept. HSC takes the lead on presenting financial alternatives and recommendations to ensure a decision.

You can rely on HSC to coordinate Due Diligence efforts on your behalf prior to the closing on your site or building acquisition. Our Due Diligence Process involves Zoning, Utilities, Title, Environmental and Appraisal.

One of the foundational elements of every property development project, your Capital Budget will guide and control the entire development process. To assist in establishing the Capital Budget, HSC must reach an agreement with the owner/tenant on the quality and scope of the development concept, probable financing methods, expected return on investment and acceptable occupancy costs.

Our creativity isn’t limited to property acquisitions alone! HSC will supply all the necessary information and guidance to the design team to bring your development concept to life within budget. We will also:

  • Assist in selection of design team.
  • Negotiate design team contracts.
  • Direct meetings between design team and contractor throughout design process to assure design is within budget

HSC’s concentration during the Construction Stage is taking the necessary steps to maintain the project schedule and budget through prompt problem solving, as well as close coordination between tenant, design team and contractor. HSC remains in frequent communication with all parties during the construction phase to ensure the successful completion of your property development.